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Viral marketer reveals the controversial formula that grew a brand new page from 0-500K followers in a matter of days (and added close to 4 million new followers to his communities this year)

113 Pages!

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113 Pages!

Inside the 113 page tell-all book:

  • The exact formula that makes a viral post
  • The post that reached over 100 million people organically, that we posted 11 days after launching the page
  • Content that 99% of the time gets minuscule organic reach (but costs brands the most to produce)
  • The three things that must align for a post to reach millions of people with £0 ad spend
  • How to amplify your content to millions of people from day 1 of launching a new page with 0 followers
  • The optimum platform, geared for social sharing, virality and supercharged community growth (most “gurus” will tell you differently!)
  • Exactly what we posted, exactly how many people each post reached and exactly how many people engaged with each post in order to grow a super influencer page with 500K followers in a matter of days